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Derek joined the First Alert Weather team on June 28 2021.  Prior to joining the team, Derek was the weekday morning meteorologist at KMID ABC Big 2 News/Fox 24 News in Odessa, Texas from April 2019 to May 2021. During his time in West Texas, Derek experienced and forecasted a handful of severe weather and winter weather.  While with KMID, Derek was also a storm chaser for their Storm Interceptor vehicle and chased multiple severe thunderstorms and winter storms in West Texas.

Before his time at KMID, Derek was a meteorologist for WeatherWorks in Hackettstown, New Jersey during the 2018-2019 winter season.  During his time at WeatherWorks, Derek issued daily weather forecasts and weather alerts to many different clients across the east, northeast, and midwestern U.S.

Derek is a graduate from the University of South Alabama where he earned his Bachelor of Science degree in meteorology and a minor in mathematics.  He graduated in May of 2018.

Before attending school, Derek interned at the National Weather Service and National Hurricane Center in Miami, Florida.  Here he gained knowledge from experienced meteorologists and hurricane specialists.  During his time with the National Weather Service, Derek collected weather data on frontal boundary passages through South Florida and shadowed the meteorologists.  At the National Hurricane Center, he archived tropical cyclone information.

Growing up in South Florida, Derek experienced a lot of meteorological phenomena.  From sea breeze thunderstorms, to low pressure systems, to tropical weather, and even the occasional squall line from a cold front.  However, it was the tropical storms and hurricanes that significantly elevated his interest into meteorology.  During the 2004 and 2005 hurricane seasons, Florida was a hurricane landfall target.  During that span, the state had received 6 direct landfalls.  While growing up in South Florida, Derek experienced 2 of those hurricanes that were a direct hit to his home.  Hurricane Katrina was the first direct hit as a category 1 with winds of 75 mph on August 25 2005.  Hurricane Wilma was the second direct hit as a category 2 on October 24 2005.  After experiencing 2 record breaking hurricane seasons back-to-back, Derek fell in love with tropical meteorology and developed a passion for it.  A passion so strong that he enjoys chasing hurricanes.  Since then, Derek has chased some of nature’s most incredible hurricanes, including Matthew, Florence, Irma, and Michael, just to name a few.  Hurricane Michael was Derek’s first category 5 hurricane which was in broad daylight, and a storm that he will never forget.  You can check out Derek’s playlist of hurricane chasing here:  Derek also runs which is a website that is dedicated to the Atlantic Hurricane Season.

Derek also enjoys chasing severe weather including tornadoes during the spring season.  He’s chased in the central U.S. during the spring of 2012, 2016, and 2017.  It was May 16 2016 when Derek filmed his first tornado near Felt, Oklahoma.  You can check out his severe weather footage here:

Aside from his life of weather and storm chasing, Derek enjoys going for long walks, swimming, playing video games, hanging out with friends, dining at restaurants, and of course, watching his Miami Dolphins.

You can catch Derek weekday mornings on News Channel 8 Monday-Friday from 5am-7am and from 12pm-12:30pm.  Be sure to follow Derek on his social media pages at Meteorologist Derek Sibley on Facebook and @SibleyDerek on Twitter.  You can also send Derek an email at


Cloudy Skies Continue through the Afternoon -Derek Sibley

Clouds will hang around until the end of the afternoon today. Sunnier for the weekend!

Cloudier Skies for Today -Derek Sibley

A cold front will bring us cloudier skies today with a slim chance for rain this morning.

Mostly Sunny & Warm Afternoon -Derek Sibley

Except for a few clouds, our weather will be mainly sunny with warmer temperatures.

Sunny & Warm Conditions Continue -Derek Sibley

Will see another sunny day across our area with temperatures a little warmer than yesterday.

Lots of Sun with Warmer Temperatures -Derek Sibley

Skies will continue to remain mostly clear all day long with temperatures warming back up.

Sunny with Warmer Conditions Today! -Derek Sibley

Skies will be much sunnier today as high pressure builds in. Temperatures are also expected to climb.

Clouds Clearing Out Tonight -Derek Sibley

After an overcast day, skies will finally clear starting this evening and continue to clear through the night. Lots of sun and warmer tomorrow.

Overcast Skies Continue through the Afternoon -Derek Sibley

Sky conditions will remain cloudy throughout most of the day. Clearer skies are still expected tonight.

Another Cloudy Day Ahead -Derek Sibley

Not much sunshine is in the forecast again today. Skies clear out by tonight.

ALERT NIGHT: Cloudy Skies Continue through Today; Storms Tonight? -Derek Sibley

The cloudy skies aren't going anywhere this afternoon. We continue to watch for a good chance of storms tonight

ALERT NIGHT: A Mainly Cloudy Day; Storms Tonight? -Derek Sibley

It looks to be a mostly cloudy start to the new work week. Better rain chances tonight!

Sunny End to the Work Week -Derek Sibley

Could see some fog this morning but otherwise the rest of the day look very sunny and comfortable.

Quieter Weather Conditions Today -Derek Sibley

After some of us saw a few thunderstorms yesterday afternoon, our weather today is looking a lot sunnier and drier.

Mix of Sun & Afternoon Clouds. Isolated Thunderstorm? -Derek Sibley

Partly to mostly sunny skies are in the forecast for the rest of the day. However, a stray thunderstorm or two cannot be ruled out

Some Afternoon Clouds but Mainly Sunny -Derek Sibley

Clouds may develop and move over us today, but for the most part its looking like another quiet day

Cloudy Skies Clear Out Later in the Day -Derek Sibley

Skies are currently mostly cloudy but will clear later this afternoon giving way to mostly sunny and seasonable like temperatures

Showers Possible This Morning, Then Clearing Later -Derek Sibley

A cold front could bring us a few showers and storms this morning, but the rest of the day looks nice!

Soggy and Cloudy Day Ahead! -Derek Sibley

Rain showers are pushing into our area this morning and look to continue throughout the day.

A Mainly Cloudy Day -Derek Sibley

Skies will be mostly cloudy to overcast throughout the day. Rain chances begin to increase this evening.

Mainly Sunny for the Rest of the Day -Derek Sibley

Our weather conditions will remain mostly clear throughout the day. Changes are on the way starting tomorrow!

Mostly Sunny Today; Cloudier Skies Tomorrow -Derek Sibley

Lots of sun is in the forecast today but that is expected to change as soon as tomorrow!

Clouds Moving Out! -Derek Sibley

As we head into the afternoon, clouds will begin to move out. Expect a little more sun later today.

Mainly Cloudy Start with Some Clearing Later in the Day -Derek Sibley

Conditions will be mainly cloudy throughout the morning and into the early afternoon.

Sunny Conditions Continue Through Today -Derek Sibley

Despite some fog this morning, our skies were clear which should continue through the rest of the day.

Abundant Sunshine Today! -Derek Sibley

The sun is expected to shine bright today with mild like temperatures during the day.

Thunderstorms Possible Tonight; Clearing out Tomorrow -Derek Sibley

A cold front will be moving into the area to bring us a chance of storms tonight. Behind the front, expect drier conditions

Gloomy Conditions Continue through the Afternoon -Derek Sibley

After a rough morning of showers and thunderstorms, our weather will be at least cloudy and rainy through the afternoon

Stormy Conditions Continue through the Morning -Derek Sibley

Showers and thunderstorms will last throughout much of this morning. Street flooding could be a concern.

Showers & Thunderstorms Likely This Evening -Derek Sibley

We still expect a good chance of showers and storms tonight. Some could produce heavy rainfall

Partly Cloudy Today with Thunderstorms Tonight -Derek Sibley

Skies will see some cloudiness in the day today, followed by a better chance of storms later tonight

Mostly Sunny for the Rest of Today; Thunderstorms Return Tomorrow -Derek Sibley

Our weather conditions will continue to be pleasant throughout the rest of today. However, thunderstorms will be in the forecast for the end of the work week.

Sunnier & Drier Day! Thunderstorms Return Tomorrow -Derek Sibley

Will see a break in the active weather today. However, rain and storms will be back in the forecast quickly!

ALERT DAY: Thunderstorms Likely Again this Afternoon -Derek Sibley

Another round of showers and thunderstorms are starting to move into our area, and will last into the afternoon hours.

Thunderstorms Possible Today -Derek Sibley

A chance of thunderstorms are possible this afternoon for most of our area

Sun With Some Afternoon Clouds; Thunderstorms Possible Again Tonight -Derek Sibley

Except for a few afternoon clouds, conditions will be mainly sunny during the afternoon today.

Mix of Sun & Clouds Today; Thunderstorms Tonight -Derek Sibley

Partly cloudy skies today with increasing storm chances again into tonight and into early tomorrow morning.

Mainly Sunny & Hot! Thunderstorms Possible Tonight -Derek Sibley

Temperatures are on the rise this afternoon. Still watching for a chance of storms later tonight.

Hot This Afternoon; Thunderstorms Possible Tonight -Derek Sibley

Another hot and somewhat humid day is in store for today. A good chance of showers and thunderstorms are still in the forecast for tonight

Sunny & Hot Conditions this Afternoon! Thunderstorms Friday Night? -Derek Sibley

Temperatures will be much above normal this afternoon. Watching for a good chance of thunderstorms for Friday night

Mostly Sunny & Hot Today! Thunderstorms Friday Night? -Derek Sibley

A few afternoon clouds but mainly sunny conditions expected today with above average temperatures