Bion’s Auto Care celebrates 90 years of operation

Over the last 90 years, the doors of Bion’s Full Service Auto Care have seen a lot of customers.

They’ve also seen a lot of the Bion family.

“They’ve all worked here. I’ve had nieces, nephews, cousins, a lot of family members. My uncle still works here.”

Randy Bion is the third generation of Bions that has helped keep La Crosse running for nearly a century after the store was built in 1929. With his wife, they keep the memory of the Bions before them alive.

“This picture up here is my favorite, this is grandma and grandpa’s wedding picture,” explained Becky Bion, who left her job to help her husband around the shop.

“This one here is the four generations. Yes, Randy had hair. So it’s Randy, Josh, Bruce, and Howard.”

The Bions continue the traditions that are as old as the shop.

“At pump one you can pull up during regular business hours, you can have somebody come out and pump your gas, wash your window, and check your oil,” explained Becky Bion.

“They come out and fill it because I’m disabled and I can’t get in and out of my car really easily. So I found them and I’m keeping them,” said long-time customer Cathy Panaccione.

Randy’s children worked in the shop like he did for his father. But unlike Randy, his children will not take over the family business, making him the last in the bloodline.

“You follow your passion. This was mine, you follow yours, you don’t have to be here.”

There’s a different kind of family that Randy hopes will be at the shop long after he’s done, and that’s the customer.

“We have multi-generational customers that come in here, and we wouldn’t be here without them,” explained the third-generation owner.

“It’s a big family. A lot of people come here, and we love it,” added Becky.

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