Bill passed by Wisconsin Assembly aims to provide funding for homeless

“I would say it’s long overdue,” explained Kim Cable, Housing and Community Services Director for CouleeCap.

While many enjoy La Crosse’s Parks on a hot sunny day, some are just tying to find a place to rest.

“The amount of state funding that we’ve had available is not enough to address these needs,” added Cable.

On average, just under 5,000 wisconsinites every day experience homelessness according to United States Interagency Council for the Homeless.

That number may be lowered soon, as a bill in Madison initially proposed in November includes funding to prevent evictions, aid homeless shelters, and provide grants to help establish permanent and affordable housing.

The money towards affordable housing programs would be quickly put to work in La Crosse.

“I would say the biggest thing that contributes to homelessness on a larger scale is a lack of affordable housing,”expressed Cable.

Funding would help programs like CouleeCap flesh out their housing programs and allow more people to be able to affordably live somewhere.

“We need landlords who are able to work with us and our programing and accept the people that are coming into our programs.”

If approved, these seven bills wouldn’t fix the homeless issue in La Crosse.

“Does it fully meet our needs? No.”

CouleeCap hopes though that it’s a start of a relationship with the legislature to bring more support to those in need.

“As we share with the state our ability to provide these services, our ability to achieve great outcomes, maybe that will pave the way for future funding.”

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