Bill in Wisconsin would require CPR training in middle school

Wisconsin public, charter and private high schools are currently required to teach their students CPR training in health class.

But now, two republican lawmakers are proposing this training start in seventh and eighth grades.

Some Onalaska High School students were practicing CPR techniques Thursday.

One student says that teaching this in school means kids learn an important skill, which they might not do on their own. 

“I think it’s very important because not a lot of kids will get a chance outside of school to learn it. So it’s a good skill we all should learn,” said student Tayla Stuttley.

“Maybe someone who knows CPR, is actually doing CPR, can keep that brain alive and bring someone back alive by the time the EMT’s or first responders get there,” said Onalaska H.S. Health Teacher Curt Mcllquham.

Current Wisconsin law also requires high schools to offer instruction for external defibrillators.

The new proposal to require CPR and AED training for younger students is not expected to be discussed by the Assembly before the fall session ends this week.