Biking gains popularity in Onalaska

The coronavirus pandemic has been bad for a lot of businesses. But one kind of business is experiencing a boom. As people spent more time at home, an old pastime is enjoying a resurgence in popularity.

“We have more bikes coming from our distributor,” said Young.

Spring is usually a busy season for local bike shops says Robbie Young, who owns Coulee Bicycle Company.

“People pull their bikes out of the garage or out of their shed so usually mid-April picks up pretty wild, and we’ve seen that demand continue for a number of weeks now so this is definitely a longer season than we’ve been used to, but the weather has been unseasonably consistent and nice too,” said Young.

Nice weather and the urge to go outside has captivated all age groups.

“Families riding together a lot more, we’re selling more hitch racks than we’ve ever sold, so people are taking their bikes and their family to different places,” said Young.

Everyone remembers the feeling of getting a new bike, and that feeling is helping a lot of people through this time…

“It’s exciting to get people out on new bikes!” said Young.

With the addition of new trails, the opportunities seem endless…

“For those groups that are looking to big long mile rides the opportunity is there. For people looking to crush gravel, that opportunity is there and for people looking just to get to and from work, to and from the grocery store those opportunities are getting safer and more obvious,” said Young.

But with this opportunity, there comes a riding responsibility….

“My hope is that people who now own a new bike, take ownership in the community in which they are now a member… my hope is that is not just a growing market for businesses, but a growing segment of the population that sees that potential that so many people have seen here for so many years,” said Young.

For a list of bike trails: