Bike training help provide skills for La Crosse Police members

Department members will train for about 22 hours

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – La Crosse Police are hitting the road for some two-wheel training.

Eight members of the La Crosse Police Department spent Wednesday training on bicycles.

It goes beyond just the standard safety and rules of the road reminders.

The officers learned about starting and stopping the bike quickly, as well as as how to follow a suspect while on a bike.

While bicycles aren’t as quick as a car, they do offer speed in other ways.

“It allows you to get into places that you can’t get with a squad car. When people get on bike patrol, they realize that some of these areas that they drive to, via car, when they’re on the bike trails, you can get to those same spots quicker than you can with a car,” said La Crosse Police detective Phil Martin.

The 22 hour training will continue Thursday.