Big Bikes for Little Tikes helps 12-year-old with cancer

Donovan Johnson and family go on much needed vacation

A young cancer patient in our area had a wish come true on Saturday.

Donovan Johnson, 12, of Arcadia was the recipient of this year’s Big Bikes for Little Tikes event. Donovan was diagnosed with a rare, aggressive form of cancer in his abdomen in 2013.

Big Bikes for Little Tikes raised enough money to help send Donovan and his family on a much needed vacation.

The event is going on 20 years in our area, and started helping specific families in 2001.

Those who know Donovan, say he has been wanting to go to a waterpark ever since his diagnosis.

“Donovan hasn’t been able to swim for a couple of years because of his radiation and chemo treatments and so now that he’s in remission he really wants to go to a waterpark, an amusement park, and kind of do those thrill seeking things with his twin brother who was by his side in the hospital a lot,” said Big Bikes for Little Tikes Program Director Jean Taylor.

Any money left over after funding the trip will go to the family to help out with financial and medical expenses.