Beware of Amazon scams

The goal is to get your personal information

LA CROSSE, Wis (WKBT) – The pandemic has more people than ever ordering things online from Amazon, and of course, scammers are finding ways to cash in on the trend.

Con artists are posing as Amazon employees and calling people claiming to need information about their account.

Scammers use a pre-recorded message claiming there is a fraudulent charge, you have a damaged package or an unfulfilled order.

The goal is to get your personal information.

The con artists are will either ask for credit card and account login details… or they will request to remote access your computer under the guise of ‘helping’ solve the issue.

Scammers are even spoofing other organizations’ phone numbers to lend them credibility… including the better business bureaus number.

To be safe, be skeptical of unsolicited calls and emails, ignore calls for immediate action, and report any questionable emails or calls to Amazon and the BBB.