Better Together hopes to teach trauma-related care method to public

For the last few years, local experts in medical, educational, and other care related fields have been trying to implement Trauma Informed Care as a way to get to the root cause of poor choices and an unhealthy lifestyle.

“When you’re faced with a hard behavior, and someone in front of you is not acting the way that you think they should, saying not ‘what’s wrong with you,’ but ‘What happened to you,’ ellaborated Bethany Thier, Project Coordinator for Better Together.

Considering someone’s past trauma before making a judgment has been in development in the county for some time, but now, those leading Trauma Informed Care are looking to teach it to more communities and industries.

“Going back to the ‘It takes a village to raise a child,’ ‘It takes a village to raise a community,'” explained Nicole Milliren, Clinical Therapist for Piece of Mind Counseling.

Members of 23 different organizations were present at Central High School today from insurance companies to hospitals.

“It’s really about understanding that our whole community has a role. When I talk to bus drivers, when I talk to cook staff, I want them to know that you’re just as important as a therapist or a judge or an attorney,” explained Milliren.

The hope is that inviting new community members and encouraging them to share what they’ve learned with their coworkers and families will bring the care system to new audiences.

“I want everyone to know how important no matter what their job is no matter what level, pay grade, their education system is. If you are talking to any person in this community, you have a role in this as we go forward,” said Milliren.

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