Best friend duo leading Bangor Softball

Bangor Softball sits at 14-1 on the season with one of the top pitchers in the state in Aliyah Langrehr. For Langrehr, shutting down offenses every gameday is fun, but it’s even more fun because of who’s catching her.

That would be her best friend of 10 years, Madelyn England. England’s gotten a front row seat to Aliyah’s development, and after a decade, the two seniors know each other about as well as they know themselves.

“I love Maddy as my catcher,” Langrehr said. “I’ve told her so many times that I don’t want anybody else catching for me. ‘You are the only one I want behind the plate.

“We have a bond that you don’t need to speak,” said England. “You got the head nod and she’s ready, and the not ready shake and you call timeout. I go and talk to her and I don’t talk to her like ‘come on, you can throw better.’ I go, ‘what’s your favorite color?’ Take her mind off it, I sit down, she’s ready, and she’s throwing again. We’re just best friends. I’ve spent every day with her, watched her grow academically and athletically, and I’m really proud of her.”

There’s a third character involved in this friendship, and that’s “Schmitty”, Madelyn’s catcher’s mitt. Her grandpa and mom played with the thing, and at this point, there’s no padding left in the middle, and the edges have at various times been repaired with zip ties and shoe string. Madelyn says that because Aliyah throws so fast, her fingers look purple by the end of games.

Bangor is a top seed in Division 4 and will host a regional game May 24.