Beef and Etc. closing after more than 20 years in La Crosse

A family-run business that’s been bringing a taste of Chicago to La Crosse for more than 20 years will be closing its doors soon.

Chicago’s Beef and Etcetera on the corner of La Crosse Street and Lang Drive will be shutting down for good next Wednesday, August 23rd.

Owners Ed and Deb Pisarik are retiring after 21 and a half years of running the business, and weren’t able to find a buyer to keep it going.

After moving to La Crosse from Chicago, Ed Pisarik says he’ll always appreciate the connections he made with the community in La Crosse.

“It’s kind of different, you come from a big city where nobody knows you’re around, and then you come to a smaller city and you get… it’s not like family, but it’s just close friendships all the time, you know people by their first name,” said Pisarik.

Ed says he and Deb are planning on avoiding the cold winters by going somewhere warm and doing a lot of traveling in retirement, after not getting the chance to over the past 20 years.