Beautiful Butterfly Project gives prom gowns away in Brice Prairie

BRICE PRAIRIE, Wis. (WKBT) — An Onalaska organization continues its mission to get a beautiful prom dress to every student who wants one.

The Beautiful Butterfly Project has grown so fast over the years that project creator and owner Judy Wolff, the leader of the project, is hoping to expand instead of operating out of a storage facility.

“I’m looking for someone that would be willing to donate a heated building or a big enough space to spread things out because, as you can see, I can’t spread in here, and it’s so packed in there that the girls have a hard time trying dresses on,” said Wolff, who started the project in 2004.

Many of the gowns are given away for free. Others are available for less than $100.

If you’d like to contact Wolff about donating space or stay up to date on when you can help or get a dress, you can find more information here.

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