Battle on the Barge pits strongmen against each other

Crowd at Riverfest event shows support for strongman competitions

Feats of strength were on display at Saturday’s Riverfest celebrations along Riverside Park.

The Battle on the Barge had competitors trying their hand at some immense weights, ranging from a 600 pound steel pole to concrete stones weighing as much as 500. Both professionals and amateurs competed in the battle for a grand prize of $4,500.

While these kinds of events may not come to our area often, the crowd out at Saturday’s Battle of the Barge showed Wisconsin’s love for strongman competitions.

“Wisconsin has always been very supportive of their Strongman Athletes. They come out in big groups, cheer, they’re a blast to announce, I do a lot of the announcing a lot of these shows. So, it’s fun to have a crowd that’s lively and into it, it makes it fun for the athletes, makes them lift more weight,” said United States Strongman President William Wessels.

Competitors averaged more than 6-feet tall and weighed more than 300 pounds.

For future strongman events, or even to get involved in the competitions yourself, you can head to