Basketball brings Sparta’s Henderson family closer despite constant moves

SPARTA, Wis. (WKBT)–As Tamarrein Henderson checks in for his road game at Black River Falls, his dad Jason is there to root him on.

And as his sister, Taneea checks into her game at West Salem, Jason is there too. He has no trouble traveling to watch his kids because his kids have traveled for him.

“I always felt bad switching up their schools,” said Jason.

For nearly 20 years Jason has served in the military, and his time served has moved him all around the country.

“We’ve been to Hawaii, Oklahoma, California, we were in Guam, and then here,” said Taneea.

The constant moves have been hard on the family.

“It was really emotional. Really bad, I think I cried for a whole couple of days,” added Taneea.

Despite all the moves, as long as there’s a basketball court the family is right at home.

“Moving here, you don’t know anybody or anything. But you play basketball and you get to know that group of people and you branch out from there,” explained the Junior.

The family has used the game to find new friends, and come together when in new places.

“I had just sit back and watch my sister play for a long time,” said Tamarrein.

“I play 1 on 1 with my brothers and my dad. He says he wins, but let’s just say I win,” joked Taneea.

And when basketball is in the family’s DNA, it’s natural that the next generation would follow in their family’s footsteps.

Because whenever dad’s in the stands, youngest sibling Tavaryies is right along with him.

“It’s like when I’m with them, I have to change my level a bit,” explained Tavaryies.

He is turning heads in the youth leagues.

He says it’s the because he’s always around the game with his siblings, as basketball brings the family together wherever they are.

“They push me to get better,” said the youngest of the Henderson.

“Playing with my little sister and talking to her, and even my little brother talking to him, it pushes me to a new level,” added Tamarrein.

Because while moving across the country can be tough, when your family are your best teammates, every game feels like a home game.

“I don’t think I would get it all together if they weren’t here,” explained Taneea.

Reporting from Sparta I’m Alec Giannakopoulos, News 8 Now.

Jason says Sparta will be the last move he makes, as he and the family are looking to buy a home once he retires from the military.