Bangor School Board: Referendum will cost taxpayers much less than expected

BANGOR, Wis. (WKBT) — An update in funding from the state of Wisconsin means a $24 million facilities referendum on the November 8 ballot won’t cost taxpayers nearly as much as anticipated, according to the Bangor School Board.

District Superintendent David Brokopp says a decrease in their estimated mill rate from $10.37 to $9.50 means if the referendum passes, taxpayers will pay $27 dollars less per $100,000 of property value than they have paid previously.

“The updated information from the State is great news for the District and taxpayers. This creates an exciting opportunity for Bangor Schools to address needs with even less tax impact on our community than we had originally anticipated,” said David Brokopp, District Superintendent.

The School District of Onalaska also recently updated tax impacts of two referenda questions, showing a similarly significant drop.

Brokopp says Bangor’s referendum “focuses on addressing prioritized educational upgrades, and deferred maintenance across the District, with remodel and addition projects proposed at the Elementary School, Middle/High School and Old School Gym.”

Additional information on Bangor’s referendum can be found at their informational website.