Bangor football building dynasty on both sides of ball

As consistent as Bangor’s running game has been–

Carter Horstman, “I think I have one of the best offensive lines in front of me in the state.”

The program’s defense has been right there with them.

“Our resilience,” the senior Horstman said. “We gang tackle. We have five, six, seven people to the ball every time.”

This season the defensive unit allows less than 100 rushing yards, and opposing teams have only moved the chains 10 times through seven games.

“Our mindset going into every game, no matter who the competition is, is to shut them out,” Horstman, who plays running back and middle linebacker, said. “If we go against the No. 1-ranked team in the state, that’s our goal. Shut them out.”

That hunger to dominate starts months before gameday.

“It all starts in the summer with weightlifting program, and then coming out here and running, too.,” senior lineman Grant Manke said.

Bangor also makes sure to have their minds ready too.

“We put maybe a little–cast a little doubt in the offense’s mind when they come out, and we’re yelling out where they’re going to run the ball,” defensive coordinator Kevin Kravik said. “Maybe if they don’t run the ball they’re still going to go, ‘how did they know?’ That type of stuff. It’s just a matter of preparation.”

The entire program won’t use the word dynasty, but they know they have something special.

Said Horstman, “It’s all because of our hard work. I feel really lucky.”

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