Bangor community joins school’s third team to reach state

Many Bangor fans could not find the words.

“I don’t think we can put it into words,” said Kari Johnson, the mother of Bangor’s Drew Johnson.

She said it’s tough enough to make it to state.

“We are getting a little spoiled,” Johnson said.

The phrase state championship has become a familiar refrain for the town of Bangor.

“These boys have worked really hard since they were little kids,” Johnson said.

Johnson is also a teacher Bangor. She says this whole community needs to take it all in.

“People go through life and never get to experience a wonderful championship like we have this year,” Johnson said.

She said the community once again made the trip in full force.

“I think pretty much everybody in Bangor leaves and we all have families from other areas who join us. We do have a wonderful following,” Johnson said.

Emma Wittmershaus was a part of the girls championship this year and she says they are living the dream.

“It’s really cool that the guys get to be here too,” Wittmershaus said. “It’s just amazing experience for the whole team and I. We couldn’t be more proud and now that we get to support our boys is really fun.”

She said they have all served as role models for future classes of athletes.

“It really makes the younger kids look up to us and it gives them something to look forward to in high school,” Wittmershaus said.

Johnson said a lot of Bangor athletes play three different sports.

“In a small town we need that in order to have strong teams and to have the numbers,” Johnson said.

Johnson said this team represents what sports mean to small towns.

“They are great friends, they are great students and whether it’s on and off the court or off the court they give it 100 percent,” Johnson said.