Baldwin, Kind request more funding for local dairy farms

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT)–Elected officials from Wisconsin are raising concerns about the number of contracts the state’s dairy industry is receiving though a USDA program.

Less than one percent of the dairy contracts for the ‘Farmers to Families Food Box Program’ have been awarded to Wisconsin based companies.

That’s according to a letter sent to the US Secretary of Agriculture by Senator Tammy Baldwin and three House of Representative members, including Ron Kind.

The program was created as part of a way to purchase and distribute food to those in need.

“Of all the contracts awarded in the dairy arena, less than one percent came to Wisconsin, America’s Dairyland. This is really outrageous and we want explanations of why these precious resources where so mishandled and there’s such a lack of transparency and accountability,” said Baldwin.

The USDA reports that 317 million dollars of dairy products will be purchased through the program.