‘Bake for Good’ program teaches elementary students to bake bread

One loaf goes to local food pantry

Area students are giving back by learning how to bake.

On Monday Evergreen Elementary students in Holmen took part in the “Bake for Good” Kid’s Program. It’s put on by King Arthur’s Flour.

The students learned how to make bread from scratch by incorporating science, math, and reading into baking.

The kids put together enough ingredients to make two loaves of bread, one which will go to help feed the hungry.

“One I’m going to eat, and the second one I’m going to put in a bag and send it to the food bank,” said Evergreen Elementary 5th grader Chole Lichucki.

In the past 25 years more than 250,000 students have taken part in the “Bake for Good” program.