Back to School Week: Do kids get too much homework?

National organization recommends 10 minutes of homework per grade level

It’s a question many parents have asked over the years: do teachers give out too much homework?

The National Education Association says teachers should follow something called the “10 minute rule,” meaning students should see about 10 minutes of home work per grade level. That would translate to a first grader seeing 10 minutes of homework, while a 12th grader could expect 120 minutes of assignments.

Officials from the La Crosse School District say they hear from parents on both sides of the debate, with some saying the workload is too much and others saying not enough is assigned.

La Crosse Associate Superintendent Troy Harcey says it’s ultimately up to the teachers to determine what’s appropriate.

“One thing that is pretty clear according to the research is that the greatest positive effect of homework is at the highest grade levels and the lowest positive effect is at the youngest grade levels in our schools,” said Harcey. “One of the things we ask of all of our educators is to be very mindful about the educational goals involved whenever assigning homework to be completed at home.”

Harcey says the district also tells teachers to be mindful of family time around holidays and to plan their lessons accordingly.