Baby Angel case remains unsolved four years later

Saturday marked four years since the tragic discovery on the Mississippi River just south of Winona.

The body of a newborn baby girl was found floating in a bag by a family out boating.

To this day the case still remains unsolved.

For the last four years, her death, identity and where she came from has remained a mystery, but this little Angel still has the Winona County sheriff searching for answers.

“We still get an occasional tip or a call on the Baby Angel case, we’re still actively pursuing those leads,” Winona County Sheriff Ron Ganrude said.

Ganrude said even as recent as the last few weeks, the Sheriff’s Department is still getting tips related to the Baby Angel case.

“We haven’t come up with any really good information, but we’re following up on them and ruling them out and things,” Ganrude said.

Baby Angel was discovered in the Mississippi River and was found with some very unique items, a T-shirt, three angel figurines and a bag from a city in Mexico.

“There’s still people out there that might recognize those items,” Ganrude said.

The sheriff said even four years later there is still no solid leads, including where Baby Angel may have come from.

“We don’t know if it was from a boat or somebody along the railroad tracks on the Wisconsin side or along Highway 61 on our side, we just don’t know,” Ganride said.

What he does know is that Sept. 5, 2011 is a day the Winona County Sheriff’s Department will never forget, but Gandrude said he is determined to make sure Baby Angel is never forgotten.

“We’re thinking that the family or even the mother will come forward and talk to us and explain the situation to us so we can resolve the case,” Ganrude said.

If you know anything about this case you’re asked to contact the Winona County Sheriff’s Office Tip Line at 507-457-6530.

There will be a memorial service for Baby Angel at her grave site in the Woodlawn Cemetery in Winona on Sept. 12 at 4 p.m. The service is for anyone wishing to pay their respects.