Avoiding dry skin over the winter months

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – Winter can take a toll on our bodies.

The cold, dry air is especially hard on skin.

Dermatologists say everyone’s skin reacts differently to cold weather, but they have some recommendations to avoid severe, dry, itchy skin, that can lead to rashes like eczema.

Hot water strips away skin’s natural oils, so one thing health experts say is when bathing use lukewarm water and a moisturizing body wash.

Applying lotion after bathing and throughout the day is also important to reduce dryness.

One dermatologist says the skin products you use make a difference.

“A lot of products that are scented, they usually have perfumes, dyes, other fragrances added to them. They aren’t bad products, but they can aggravate and irritate the skin further and intensify the itching,” said Mary Duh, Physician Assistant of Dermatology at Mayo Clinic Health System.

Duh recommends using unscented products.

In addition, she says to drink lots of water and minimize caffeine intake because it can cause dehydration, which can dry out your skin.