Authorities warn residents about string of burglaries

The Monroe County Sheriff’s Department is alerting residents about a string of recent burglaries in the northeastern part of the county.

Authorities say homeowners have been awakened to find suspects inside their residence during some of the burglaries.

Monroe County Sheriff Pete Quirin says so far, the suspects have fled without confronting any of the people in the home.

Sheriff Quirin wants to remind homeowners of the following safety considerations:

Should a break in occur, get to a safe place and call 911. If you move or purchase a new home, update and change your locks. Chances are friends and family of past occupants may still have a set of keys. If possible install and utilize dead bolts. Install flood lighting around the exterior of your home, especially around points of entry. These lights can be controlled by timers or motion sensors. Do not post vacation plans on Facebook or any other social web site. Ask a neighbor or friend to watch your home and pick up any mail, packages and newspapers delivered while you are away. 

If you have any information regarding suspicious persons, activities or vehicles, you’re asked to contact the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department at (608) 269-2117.