Authorities announce upcoming increased enforcement days

Six days of extra enforcement announced for August

Authorities are giving the public advance notice they’ll be stepping up enforcement of traffic violations next month.

More people are expected to travel as the summer winds down, which is why area police and sheriff’s departments will be keeping a close eye on drivers.

They’ll be looking for things like seat belt use, speeding and drunk drivers with a series of “extra enforcement” days in August.

They say despite the advance warning, they still issue more tickets on the extra enforcement days.

“Not only do we advertise like through this public service announcement, if you will, but we actually put up signs saying that there is extra enforcement ahead many times and we still get a lot of tickets,” said Scott McCullough, the interim Chief of Police at UW-La Crosse, and member of La Crosse County’s Traffic Safety Task Force.

There will be six extra enforcement days in August: August 3rd, August 21st, August 22nd, August 25th, August 27th and August 31st.

More than 170 tickets and another 140 warnings were issued in June.