Trump heads to the UN focused on Iran and his political base

President Donald Trump and his senior officials head to the United Nations' annual gathering of world leaders this week focused on a narrow agenda that reflects domestic political concerns, the foreign policy challenge posed by Iran and -- by design or default -- a continued disconnect with many traditional US allies on the issue of climate change.

Trump accuses Iran of lying

President Donald Trump said Monday he is less inclined to make a deal with Iran as Tehran claimed to have arrested CIA operatives and US allies announced their own effort to secure shipping in the Persian Gulf, in a possible sign of division with Washington.

Tensions soar over Iran tanker seizures

President Donald Trump said Friday he had authorized Sen. Rand Paul to speak with Iranian officials -- a day after denying he had done so -- but downplayed the significance of the outreach to Iran as tensions skyrocketed in the Persian Gulf.

US aid cuts to UN agency will hurt vulnerable women, critics say

The Trump administration will withhold funds from the United Nations agency focused on reproductive and maternal health care for a third consecutive year, though critics and lawmakers say the decision will hurt vulnerable women and children, undermine US interests and is not based on evidence.

Pompeo unveils human rights commission

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced a new commission to examine the role of human rights in US foreign policy and which rights should be "honored," raising fears that the Trump administration may be trying to roll back protections for women, LGBTQ groups and minorities.