Author: Matthew Simon

Study: Genetic discovery may lead to autism treatment

A University of Wisconsin-Madison genetic discovery, looking at two key brain proteins in mice with the developmental disorder fragile X, has researchers hoping they could one day develop treatments for other neurological disorders, such as autism.

Network journalists say Madison is not Ferguson

Two network journalists said there are distinct differences between covering the police shooting deaths of Tony Robinson and Michael Brown, most noticeably how leaders initially responded to the police shootings.

Wisconsin Public Television goes door-to-door amid cuts

As the public television and radio shows one million Wisconsinites watch and listen to every year face an uncertain budget future, Wisconsin Public Television has started seeking door-to-door donations from "viewers like you."

UW chancellor to staff: ‘I'm sorry' layoffs are coming

A large, standing room-only UW-Madison faculty and staff audience heard Chancellor Rebecca Blank apologize late Wednesday night as she warned layoffs under Gov. Scott Walker's budget proposal were unavoidable and could come as early as April.