Border city mayor pushes back on Trump

Tony Martinez -- the Democratic mayor of Brownsville, Texas, which shares a border with Mexico -- pushed back on President Donald Trump's repeated claims of an undocumented immigration crisis on the US border with Mexico.

WaPo: Enquirer sent Trump stories to Cohen before publication

Executives from the National Enquirer provided President Donald Trump's attorney Michael Cohen the opportunity to review articles and cover photos featuring Trump or his political opponents before they were published, according to The Washington Post.

Acting ICE director on 'zero tolerance' policy: 'It's the law'

Acting Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director Thomas Homan wouldn't say President Donald Trump's "zero tolerance" policy for illegal border crossings, which has led to children being separated from their parents, is humane Tuesday, saying only, "I think it's the law."

McCain criticizes 'parroting' of North Korean talking points

Sen. John McCain implicitly criticized President Donald Trump on Thursday for "parroting" North Korean and Chinese rhetoric about US-South Korean joint military exercises following the summit between Trump and North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un earlier this week.