Somber Pelosi wields her impeachment power in 'sadness'

As the US House debated President Donald Trump's impeachment Wednesday, dozens of Republican members delivered angry speeches decrying "mob rule" and the Democrats' "sham trial" as the President fired off taunts from the White House.

Pete Buttigieg's rise brings on the scrutiny

For a time, Pete Buttigieg was on a glide path as he ascended in the Democratic race for president, emerging unscathed from the fall debates and raking in donations as he built a juggernaut in early states.

Buttigieg fends off questions on experience following surge in polls

The leading Democratic candidates for president made strong appeals to African American voters Wednesday night -- particularly women -- as they drew a direct line between re-creating the coalition that elected Barack Obama in 2008 and defeating President Donald Trump in 2020.

Romney out front of GOP with criticisms of Trump's Ukraine call

For days, Utah Sen. Mitt Romney had been a lone Republican voice expressing concern about President Donald Trump's July phone call with Volodymyr Zelensky in which Trump asked Ukraine's President to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden and his family.

Trump's California trip marked by pair of clashes

Even before President Donald Trump arrived in California on Tuesday, his administration issued yet another pre-emptive strike at the state that likes to pride itself as the center of the resistance to his agenda.

Castro pokes at Biden's memory in contentious health care debate

It was expected to be a showdown between the three front-runners that would bare the ideological divide in the Democratic Party. Instead it was a disjointed affair that didn't appear to change the trajectory of the 2020 fight for the Democratic nomination.