Author: Kyle Dimke

A new Legacy in technology at Gundersen

The new Legacy building is state of the art. It has all the bells and whistles that anyone could ask for in a hosptial and more. Doctors say the technology here is going to make a patient feel better, faster.

New garbage and recycling bins at a high cost

The decision to give Onalaska residents 65 gallon garbage and recycling bins was made in late 2012. Those bins were delivered to Onalaska doorsteps last month. Now only a month later they may be taken back at quite a cost.

Packers playoffs gives La Crosse economy a boost

Thousands of fans will head to Lambeau Field Sunday to cheer on the green and gold, but here in La Crosse local businesses are hoping the Packers game will give our local economy a few extra points.

New MN law gives better chance at employment

A new law has taken the criminal background check not just off the front page, but off job applications completely. Minnesota's Ban the Box law gives people with a blemish on their record a better chance at finding work.

Safe rides home this New Years Eve

Officers aren't the only ones prepping for New Year's Eve, taxi companies are also gearing up for what is expected to be another busy night and they're partnering with the La Crosse Tavern League to help get you home, for free.

Wrestling tournament boosts local economy

The Bi-State Classic is an exciting competition for high school wrestlers and their families. While they bring their talent and team spirit to the area, they also bring a boost to our local economy.