Author: Eric Jacobson

Police, ambulance services receive fewer requests this Oktoberfest

Overall responses by both police and Tri-State Ambulance for Oktoberfest were down compared to years past.Police say there's always room for improvement, but it's a trend the city hopes to continue.Oktoberfest weekend usually brings an uptick in response calls for local police.

A day in the life of the festmaster

It's a busy weekend for those involved in this year's Oktoberfest, especially this year's Festmaster Chuck Roth. Between meeting and greeting, it can be a long day.

Strong August profit renews push for Center's renovation

An unusually strong August in profits for the La Crosse Center begins a renewed push for the center's renovations.This past August was the first time in at least 24 years that the Center turned a profit for that month.While the news does not directly impact the funding for future renovations, it brings a renewed focus to the project's goals. La Crosse Center Board Member Brent Smith said he's never seen a month for the Center like this.