Half of House Democrats now say they support impeachment inquiry

A majority of House Democrats are now on record publicly supporting an impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump, according to a CNN count -- a sign of momentum for pro-impeachment lawmakers that is likely to ramp up pressure on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Democratic leaders.

House votes to condemn Trump's racist tweets

The House voted on Tuesday night to condemn racist language from President Donald Trump, capping off a tumultuous couple of hours on Capitol Hill including a brief time in which House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was barred from speaking in the chamber.

Pelosi gets emotional about photo of drowned father, child

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi grew emotional at a press conference Thursday when asked to describe her reaction to a shocking photo of a drowned father and daughter lying face down in the water of the Rio Grande, part of the U.S. border with Mexico.

Pelosi on Trump insults: 'I'm done with him'

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told CNN's Manu Raju on Tuesday that she's "done" with President Donald Trump but would not say whether she told Democrats behind closed doors that she'd rather see Trump "in prison."

Disaster aid bill blocked in House again after GOP objection

For the third time in the span of less than a week, a House Republican lawmaker on Thursday blocked the passage of a multibillion-dollar disaster relief bill, essentially guaranteeing the bill won't pass until the full House is back from recess on Monday.