Author: Brian Lowry, CNN Business

Netflix could face trouble ahead. Here's why

"13 Reasons Why" returns to Netflix this weekend for its third season, a show whose premise -- originally built around the mystery surrounding a teen suicide -- really should have wrapped up after one.

'Game of Thrones' ending comes with HBO at a crossroads

When "The Sopranos" went black in 2007, there was speculation that HBO might never generate another hit of that magnitude. Four years later, "Game of Thrones" premiered, a drama that has matched and even surpassed the mob show in accolades, cultural buzz and audience, which is ending as new threats amass at the pay network's walls.

Who scored and who wasted their money on Super Bowl ads

Crafting memorable Super Bowl advertising remains a formidable challenge, as companies try to navigate the complicated waters of celebrity endorsements, corporate branding, hot-button issues and commercials designed to pitch products.