Author: AMY FORLITI, Associated Press

Police release data on alleged rape by Chinese businessman

Police who were called to a report of an alleged rape by Chinese billionaire and founder Richard Liu last August initially decided to release him because it was unclear to them if a crime had occurred, according to investigative files released Wednesday that include conflicting statements from the woman and Liu.

Rep. Omar filed joint tax returns before she married husband

Minnesota campaign finance officials said last week that U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar misused campaign funds in violation of state rules. They also revealed that she had filed joint tax returns with her husband years before they were legally married and at a time when she was married to another man.

As Prince's health waned, alarm grew in inner circle

Investigative files released as prosecutors closed their probe into Prince's death show that his closest confidants had grown increasingly worried about his health in the days before he died - and that they tried to get him help.