ATV 4 Vets receives $30,000 for program

California trust gave money to ATV 4 Vets to buy new vehicles

A local a group helping vets cope with coming back from war gets a big donation.

A California trust gave $30,000 to ATV 4 Vets to buy new vehicles for their program.

They picked them up on Friday at Rod’s Ride-On Power Sports in La Crosse.

ATV for Vets is a non-profit that was started two years ago by an Iraq War veteran. He found riding the all-terrain vehicles was a stress reliever that helped him deal with depression and wanted to give other vets the opportunity.

“We’re just trying to give them an ulterior way of relieving stress, getting out, having somebody to talk to, peer groups, because it’s a lot easier for veterans to talk to veterans,” ATV 4 Vets Vice President John Dehnke.

The group is looking for more donations, including safety equipment.