Assisted living employee charged with assaulting resident

An Onalaska assisted living employee has been charged with sexually assaulting a resident. 

Prosecutors have charged David Brandt, 41, after a resident came forward saying he molested her in 2014.

The resident told police Brandt commented on her “boobies” and touched himself inappropriately in front of her on multiple occasions. The victim also stated he put his hands down her pants.

She told police Brandt showed her naked photos of himself on his phone while showing her photos of his cats. 

The photos included a picture of someone’s back that Brandt said he had carved and a naked photo of himself holding knives.

Brandt was suspended from Spring Brook Assisted Living on February 16th immediately after reports were filed.

Brandt is charged with three counts of second degree sexual assault as well as disorderly conduct and lewd and lascivious behavior charges.