Assignment: Education – Wiggle Seat

Seat cushions that encourage movement while learning

Wiggling and fidgeting can be seen in almost any elementary school classroom.

“Not every student can sit still and listen to someone talk,” said Leah Auber, Southern Bluffs Elementary School teacher. “Some students need to be active.”

This chair cushion, called a Wiggle Seat, could be the answer for some students.

“I can pay attention better, and I can actually move around in my seat without distracting others,” said Sam Roberts, fourth-grader, Southern Bluffs Elementary School.

“It allows them to move as they’re sort of listening and trying to pay attention and trying to focus in class,” said Auber.

The seat can be used in a number of ways.

“I’m using it on my back,” said Drew Wonderling, fourth-grader, Southern Bluffs Elementary School. “My teacher said you can sit on it flat this way, or on your back to make you sit up straight.”

The seat cushions have a smooth side and a bumpy side. How you sit on the cushion is a matter of preference.

“We’re just finding that there’s more and more kids with that have sensory integration needs and just allows them to focus better,” said Auber.

“It makes you sit up and feel more comfortable,” said Wonderling.
Aubert says teachers will do what it takes to capture the attention of their students.

“As teachers, we need to do everything we can to make sure our students are learning. And if they’re not learning, then we need to find a way to make sure to help them learn,” said Aubert.

And for some kids, teachers say it’s the ability to move and listen at the same time.