Assignment: Education – Roped into a New Challenge

A rope challenge teaches Sparta students life...

The Sparta School District is offering a new twist on teaching trust and confidence.

A new ropes course at Meadowview Middle School offers several different challenges, including a rope web.

“You’re not supposed to touch any of the cords,” said Matthew Langston, Meadowview Middle School seventh-grader. “And you have to try and get everyone else on the other side.”

It’s a task that requires teamwork and trust.

“Having the ability to not just work with your friend, to work with and support all of your classmates,” said Matthew Quick, Meadowview Middle School physical education teacher.

“They can take those valuable lessons and experiences and take them back into the school and carry that throughout the year to help them in all activities,” he said.

This includes relationship building.

“I think it’s really fun, because usually when you walk down a hallway you’re just talking to one of your friends,” said Langston. “But now you can walk down a hallway and talk to everyone.”

This is the confidence gained by middle schoolers who have learned the ropes.

The Meadowview Middle School ropes course was installed this summer.

The $30,000 project was paid for by a grant from the Sparta Public Education Foundation, private donations and district funds.