Assignment: Education – Holmen art pieces delivered to Haiti

This past winter, four art students from Holmen High School volunteered their time to create portraits of children from Haiti.

The Haitian children faced violence, extreme poverty and neglect.

Holmen High School art teacher Mrs. Michels, along with the students, worked with a national organization called The Memory Project.

“These people send us portraits of kids in impoverished countries,” said Holmen High School artist Morgan Groshek.

The Holmen students spent several months using an art technique called photo realism to capture the children’s faces in an art piece.

This spring, the students’ drawings were delivered to Haiti along with art pieces created by 3,000 students from across the country.

A video provided by The Memory Project shows the children receiving their gifts, including the art created by the Holmen High School students.

For some, this was the first time they’d ever seen themselves in a picture before.

The Holmen High School art teacher hopes to continue working with The Memory Project in the future.

Artists with The Memory Project have created more than 100,000 portraits for children in 43 countries since 2004.