Assignment: Education – For Goodness Sake

Logan High School student collects items for La Crosse County program

“I suppose it started like any other day,” said Jessica Sveen, Logan High School senior.

Sveen was at home helping her aunt go through Thanksgiving ads.

“And then wedged in the middle of the ad, I saw this advertisement for the For Goodness Sake,” said Sveen.

The For Goodness Sake program is run by La Crosse County. The program collects donated household items for the needy and the list is long.

“So, I thought, was there anything I could do to help? And I realized most of what they were asking, I couldn’t give,” said Sveen.

But the 18-year-old wanted to help, as she’s been through more than her share of tough times.

“I know what it feels like to not have enough to eat; to not have enough hygiene supplies that are yours; to not even have a tree for Christmas,” said Sveen. “My mom and I were like that a few years back.”

While Sveen couldn’t afford to give supplies, she did come up with a different way to give.

“Then the idea came to me,” said Sveen. “I’m sure I didn’t have very much to give, but if I talk to the entire student body, as a whole. I mean why not just pitch the idea to the principal.”

“She came right into the main office and asked if she would be able to set things up right here in our main office,” said Wally Gnewikow, Logan High School associate principal.

Sveen’s idea was to ask her fellow students to help her collect all of the items requested by those in need.

“My first step was to get posters printed up and a way to get people’s attention, hence the snowman over there.

Then I had to get a box for the donations, which I got from the custodians,” said Sveen.

And once word got out about Sveen’s goal, the donations started coming in.

“Basic needs like toiletries, cleaning supplies, housing supplies,” said Sveen.

“Donations have come in from our staff, our students, and our families and every day we’ve had something added to our big boxes in our office,” said Gnewikow.

And the items have all been donated for goodness sake

“I think we have a great school filled with people that know what it feels like to help people that are less fortunate,” said Sveen. “And know what it feels like to be those people.”