Assignment: Education – ACT Aspire 9 test results

Ninth-graders take new statewide assessments beginning this year

Starting this year, Wisconsin is requiring all ninth graders to take part in a statewide assessment called ACT Aspire 9.

The students took the test in October.

Here is the first look at how our local students scored.

The ACT Aspire 9 test covers five subject areas: English, math, reading, science and writing.

La Crosse School District officials said they are pleased with their overall results as the new common core standards students are tested on are more rigorous compared to previous years.

Administrators also said the information provided by this test to students and families should help prepare kids for their future.

“The results go the individual student level more than they ever have,” said Kris Mueller, Ph.D., supervisor of standards, assessments and program improvement. “So, what the value is is students can sit down with their parents and guardians and counselors and talk about what are our future plans, and how am I achieving in these different areas, and does it fit my future plans. And if it doesn’t, then what do I have to do to prepare so that I can do what I really want to do in the future.”

This assessment included some material the ninth graders had not yet learned.

This same group of students will be given this test this spring, allowing school districts to track student growth and determine what subject areas might need the most support.

Here is the first look at how students in La Crosse County scored:

Career/College Ready English Math Reading Science Writing National 60% 35% 38% 30% 35% Bangor 77% 46% 62% 53% 37% Holmen 63% 35% 37% 35% 23% La Crosse 64% 27% 44% 30% 35% Onalaska 71% 58% 69% 39% 49% West Salem 76% 34% 46% 34% 33%