Ashley Wellness Center reopens with expansion for employees in Arcadia

Includes new eye clinic

Health services for employees of a local company now have a new space to call home.

The grand reopening Thursday of the Ashley Wellness Center celebrated the renovation and expansion of the employee clinic. All Ashley Furniture employees, and family members on Ashley insurance plans, have access to the clinic.

The expanded space will include a new eye clinic for employees, while still providing primary, preventive and work-related care.

“You put that together, and with all the families of the people that they care for, it’s not only good business but it’s also good humanity, it’s good for the community, and they’re an example of a business that really is interested in their community,” said Gundersen Health System Chief Executive Officer Scott Rathgaber.

A partnership between Ashley Furniture and Gundersen Health System created the clinic in 2008. It has since provided more than 1,200 appointments per month.