As enterovirus cases spread doctors say prevention is key

Doctors: There should be no cause for panic

A different virus has kept parents on high alert this summer.

Enterovirus D-68 causes kids to get sick with cold-like symptoms. There have been about 600 cases in the US.

The mysterious illness is blamed for the death of a four year old New Jersey boy who died in his sleep last month. That’s made some parents worry.

“There should be no cause to panic. I’ve been telling my patients and families, again, it’s really mostly causing cold-like symptoms for the vast majority of people. It’s a real tiny percentage of people that are ending up really sick and needing to be in the hospital,” said Gundersen Health System Pediatrician Doctor Stephen Randall.

The doctor says the best defense is prevention. Parents should talk to their kids about washing their hands, covering their mouths when they cough and sneeze, and staying home when they’re sick.