[Art]ifact project teaches local students about art, history

Project paired 15 historical artifacts with local artists

History and art came together to teach kids.

The Pump House, La Crosse County Historical Society, and UW-La Crosse History Department all came together to create the Artifact Project. 

The project paired 15 historical artifacts with local artists, who then created their own interpretations of the artifact. The artwork was put on display for 7 local school groups to admire, but the gallery taught the kids about more than just art.

“Many of them have been to a museum, they’re kind of familiar with that aspect, but the art was totally new. So this kind of shows them how history can be fun and actually applied instead of just in a text book. It’s real, it’s around you, and so is art, and kind of how those two things combine,” said [Art]ifact Education Coordinator Calli Niemi.

The artifacts included a hmong knife, a ho-chunk drum, clothing, and even an old camera.