Afghan refugees are grateful for help settling in at Fort McCoy, soldier says

Children wave flags and always are happy, says SPC. Joseph Igo

FORT MCCOY, Wis. (WKBT)- Nearly 9,000 Afghan refugees are staying at Fort McCoy. The installation can house up to 13,000.

For the first time, we are hearing from one of the Army soldiers helping the refugees feel at home.

SPC. Joseph Igo says the families are grateful for the soldiers’ efforts.

“So, my part of this operation is to hand out comfort kits for the Red Cross,” Igo said. “It comes with shampoo, lotion, soaps — and then we have some people handing out some toys, and some people handing out water with towels and stuff just so that they’re comfortable when they get to where they’re staying for them actually feel really good.

“When the kids come through and some of them are waving flags, they’re always really happy. There are super grateful . It makes everything that we’re doing here just work and make sense,” he said.