Arizona dam above border village in danger from floodwaters

After an unusually large amount of rain, officials are telling people who live near a dam in southern Arizona to evacuate.

The earthen dam is on the Tohono O’odham Nation tribal lands, where rainfall from the remnants of Hurricane Rosa has caused flooding that threatens the integrity of the dam.

“Menagers Dam residents need to move as far to the north end of the community as possible,” the tribe’s department of public safety said.

The dam is near the town of Ali Chuk, which is less than 1 mile from Mexico. The National Weather Service said a flash flood warning for the town was in effect until early Thursday.

More than 30 people were evacuated from another area on tribal land where high water was close to overtopping berms.

Rosa brought several inches of rain to areas of Arizona. In Pisinemo, a little more than 20 miles from the dam, observers measured 3.4 inches of rain from Sunday to Wednesday morning.