Area walk remembers those taken far too early

‘A Walk to Remember' helps parents come to terms with loss

An area event on Saturday remembered those taken too early.

The annual “A Walk to Remember” in Holmen helps parents honor their babies that have passed and brings attention to Pregnancy and Infant Awareness Month.

Each year about a million pregnancies end in miscarriage, still birth, or infant death. The walk is a way to educate people on how to better support those going through such a loss.

One organizer says families use the event as a way to come to terms with what happened.

“Families really look forward to this. October is Pregnancy Loss Awareness Month, and so families really look forward to coming. Many families come year after year to this event. It’s just a way to help remember their babies, and honor their babies that had gone so early in life,” said Mayo Clinic Health System Shared Program Coordinator and Registered Nurse Emily Stanton.

“A Walk to Remember” has been in our area for about 25 years.