Area veterans weigh in on issues at Tomah VA at town hall meeting

Area veterans got a chance to weigh in on the care they’re getting from the Tomah VA.

The American Legion hosted a town hall meeting for veterans Monday night in Tomah.

Veterans got a chance to talk to Tomah VA officials about any issues they are having with the VA.

The meeting covered everything from enrollment issues to problems with filing a claim.  

While one veteran asked for more transparency about the problems going on at the VA, he says it’s time to start focusing on the good that it’s doing.

“There’s some problems they’re having, but I’m sure that, I’m confident that they’ll get worked out. It seems that there’s been problems in the past at other VA’s and they’ve learned from their lessons and they’re implementing those lessons here,” said VA patient Lance Mattson.

The legion will use the information to better assist veterans with what’s called a Veterans Benefits Center.

“Part of the frustration with the VA with the local community is not being able to talk to somebody. At least if they were to get informed, ‘yes we do have your claim and it’s going to take this long before it’s adjudicated,’ that’s all they want to know and this is one of the places they can come for the next couple of days and get their questions answered in regards not just to VA claims, but any issue that they’re having,” said Deputy Dir. of Veterans Affairs for the National American Legion Gerardo Avila.

Representatives from the American Legion will be taking a tour of the Tomah VA Tuesday.