Area students going green with Trash Trek project

Lego League robotics competition includes green initiative project

Students at Crucifixion School in La Crescent are preparing to show off their robotic skills, and their ideas on how to make their school more green.

It’s part of the school’s Lego League, a competition that judges students’ ability to build a robot.  

Lego League teams are also required to participate in a project called Trash Trek.  The goal of the project is for students to find ways to re-purpose items that were previously thrown away at the school.

One team is recycling paper towels, while another team is focused on eliminating milk carton waste.

Drew, an 8th grade student at Crucifixion school says recycling cartons is not their only option:

“Some places, they don’t have a place to recycle milk cartons set up, so an alternative to that would be to use gallon jugs, like the big ones you get from Kwik Trip and pour them into cups.  You save a lot of money by doing that.”

Both projects have been implemented at the school.  The teams will share their plans and their Lego robots at a competition on Saturday in Duluth, Minnesota.