Area student writes children’s book to teach business terms

'Sally and Sam Makes a Lemonade Stand' written by Hillary Swanson

An area student is putting the language of the business world in simpler terms.

Hillary Swanson, a senior at Sparta High School, created a book about business for elementary school students. It’s called “Sally and Sam Make a Lemonade Stand.”

The story is about two girls who start a lemonade stand to raise money for a toy they want to buy.

The book puts business terms into examples used during the story, making it easier for kids to understand.

One of the biggest lessons Swanson hopes kids gain from the book is the importance of saving your money.

“The book mostly focuses on them creating a plan in which in the book we talk about it as their business plan and them working really hard and them making their own signs and doing their own thing without a lot of help from others,” said Sparta High School Senior Hillary Swanson.

Swanson and the school’s FBLA Chapter worked with 1st Community Credit Union to have the book published.

“Personally I am just so proud of Hillary’s accomplishments and that she really worked hard on this project and really lead the FBLA Chapter through this whole process. She really stepped up showed what FBLA is all about,” said Sparta High School FBLA Advisor Julie Beyer.

Hillary printed enough books to go to every third grader in the Sparta School District. She is also submitting the book as an American Enterprise project at the state FBLA competition in April.