Area Strawberry season ending early

It seems like the local strawberry season is coming to an end a little early this year.

According to local farmers, strawberry crops don’t like the amount of heat and rain we’ve seen over the last month and when the temperature is consistently over 80 degrees the strawberries mature more quickly, giving them less time to develop, which means they ripen when they’re smaller.

With no end in sight for hot temps, one farmer says this weekend might be the end of the strawberry season.

“We usually last until the 4th of July, so we’re a week earlier, but it’s going to be 90 this weekend. There won’t be nothing left. It’ll cook in the field,” owner of Jolivette Farms, John Jolivette said.

While the picking season did start earlier than normal, farmers say picker turnout has been pretty good when it wasn’t raining.